Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where Have I Been?

It's been an entire year since I've officially blogged on FWOTD, though I've periodically posted funny words on Facebook and Twitter during that time. Last January, I came out with a book, Be Your Own Best Publicist: How to Use PR Techniques to Get Noticed, Hired and Rewarded at Work, and have spent much of my time promoting the book through press, speaking engagements, my blog on and (not to mention my full-time job running PR at Hearst Magazines!).

So I hope you'll forgive me for neglecting this blog. I can't promise I'll be able to regularly post here but I'll do my darnedest (that's a pretty funny word, no?)...

Funny Word of the Day:


[vag-uh-bond] Show IPA
wandering from place to place without any settled home;nomadic: a vagabond tribe.
leading an unsettled or carefree life.
disreputable; worthless; shiftless.
of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a vagabond: vagabondhabits.
having an uncertain or irregular course or direction: avagabond voyage.


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