Monday, November 30, 2009

I Feel Like a Turkey

Apologies for the time between blog posts but as you may already know, I do post a funny word on Twitter and Facebook daily. I just don't always have time to dedicate to a blog post. But in case you only follow me here, I've included the past week's FWOTDs:

11/25 - gobble
11/26 -- turkey (of course -- it was Thanksgiving!)
11/27 -- soggy
11/28 -- blurb
11/29 -- mope

Now for the latest sentence of the day by my friend Michael using some past FWOTDs (he's going to need to do one with this group too!):

My friend was in a pickle because everyone was saying that she was sent out some bad juju by bringing jambalaya to the Seder dinner. Not being Jewish she had no idea just how spooky this would be for the other non-shellfish eating people at the table. In an act of solidarity she chose to eat the entire dish on her own and subsequently felt like a real Heifer.

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