Sunday, July 5, 2009

Seabird or All-Natural Cereal?

funny word of the day: puffin

My husband and I are fond of this organic cereal called Puffins and thought it was a funny word. Turns out a puffin is also a cute kind of sea bird. I like that it has the word "puff" in it and rhymes with "muffin," another recent FWOTD.

Definition from MSN Encarta:
puf·fin [ p├║ffin ] (plural puf·fins or puf·fin)noun Definition: black and white diving seabird: a black and white diving seabird of the auk family with a short neck and a triangular, brightly colored beak. Genus Fratercula.

Evidently, Puffins -- "an all-natural corn pillow" cereal -- by Barbara's Bakery educates its consumers about Project Puffin, the Audubon Society's innovative project to restore Atlantic puffins to their former habitat of Eastern Egg Rock, located off the rugged coast of Maine. You can also Adopt-a-Puffin through Barbara's Bakery. For more info, check out

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