Friday, June 5, 2009

Who knew this word was about Firearms?

funny word of the day: ramrod

I always thought this word sounded funny and had some sort of sexual connotation (which it still does) but in actuality, it has to do with cleaning it's a word that is likely used by men in both the NRA and NYC's Chelsea neighborhood.

1 : a rod for ramming home the charge in a muzzle-loading firearm 2 : a cleaning rod for small arms 3 : boss, overseer

Definition from


verb: to ram a some sort of long, thin, fairly cylindrical object into some sort of opening or hole. can have sexual connotations (as in, this aforementioned "rod" is a "meatrod"), but can also be used to describe such actions as sharpening a pencil, connecting a plug, etc.

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