Friday, June 26, 2009

In Memory of Michael Jackson

funny word of the day: rhinoplasty

According to, rhinoplasty is plastic surgery on the nose, known familiarly as a nose job.

Because of the crazy work he had done on his proboscis (ooh, another good word!) over the years, this FWOTD is a tribute of sorts to the late Michael Jackson. I, for one, will continue to listen to his amazing music and will greatly miss his dancing, but, alas, not his weird nose.

Growing up in Livingston, New Jersey, rhinoplasty was a common occurrence amongst my high school classmates. I never underwent it (my nose is not my biggest body part--or issue) but lots of my friends did. I remember my mother tsk-tsking them, saying "Oh, that nose gave her character!" and "Her poor kids are going to wonder where their big noses came from." I would respond, "I'm sure they'll let their kids get nose jobs too."

I still think Michael Jackson should have left his nose--and skin--alone but the man obviously had major body image issues. RIP, Michael.

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