Monday, June 1, 2009

I Know Someone Who Played One Growing Up

funny word of the day: glockenspiel

Defintion from Merriam-Webster:

\ˈglä-kən-ˌspēl, -ˌshpēl\
German, from Glocke bell + Spiel play
circa 1834
: a percussion instrument consisting of a series of graduated metal bars tuned to the chromatic scale and played with two hammers

While it's not the funniest looking musical instrument -- that honor might go to the tuba, trombone, maracas or cymbals -- the name takes the cake. My friend Jeanne evidently played this as a child although I don't ever remember seeing her with one...and it's hard to hide.

I played a different percussion instrument -- a plastic egg filled with chicken feed (aka the poor man's maraca) -- in a band after college. The same friend who played the glockenspiel told me after seeing me perform live that I should learn to shake it a different way than up and down because it looked like a was giving a hand job. That was humiliating.

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