Monday, June 8, 2009

Even funnier when they have ants in them

funny word of the day: pants

I also love to hate the word slacks but as I tweeted that as a FWOTD before starting my blog, I can't repeat it. As you'll see below, pants have some very funny synonyms, including pantaloons, knickers, trousers and britches.

More background from Wiktionary:

Etymology 1
Abbreviated form of pantaloons.

[edit] Noun
pants (plural)
(US, Canadian, Australian, plurale tantum) An outer garment worn by men and women that covers the body from the waist downwards, usually as far as the ankles; trousers.
(British, plurale tantum) An undergarment worn by men or women that covers the genitals and often the buttocks and the neighbouring parts of the body; underpants, knickers, panties, shorts.

[edit] Synonyms
(garment that covers the body from the waist downwards): breeks, britches, slacks, strides, trousers
(garment that covers the genitals): drawers, underpants, underwear
(for men) boxers, boxer shorts, BVD's, ginch, gitch, gonch, gotch, jockeys, jockey shorts, shorts, skivvies, undershorts
(for women) underpants, knickers, panties

[edit] Derived terms
all mouth and pants, all mouth and no pants
by the seat of one’s pants (drive by the seat of one’s pants, fly by the seat of one’s pants), seat-of-the-pants
have ants in one’s pants
scare, bore, beat, etc., the pants off
wear the pants
with one’s pants down

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