Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sentences Using Funny Words of the Day

My friend Michael likes to create sentences using my various funny words of the day. I think it's brilliant, of course. Michael just had ankle surgery and he has to wear this ridiculous contraption (pictured at right) that makes him look like he has a peg leg. Like a pirate.

Here are the latest (funny words in itals):

My friend had ankle surgery and thought it was a little awkward that his friends got him a ukulele player that was a doppelganger for Tiny Tim and a hermit carrying a big bowl of babaganoush.

Ugh... Donald is such a nincompoop. He sits on the couch like a big ol' clump of clay doodling pictures and wishing he could muster up the courage to approach the 60 year old cougar in the apartment next door. He thinks to himself... "Like a hawk I would swoop down and scoop her up."

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