Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rhymes with Kermit

funny word of the day: hermit

Definition from Merriam-Webster:

her·mit            Listen to the pronunciation of hermit
Middle English heremite, eremite, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin eremita, from Late Greek erēmitēs, from Greek, adjective, living in the desert, from erēmia desert, from erēmosdesolate
12th century
1a: one that retires from society and lives in solitude especially for religious reasons : recluse obsolete : beadsman

2: a spiced molasses cookie
— her·mit·ism            Listen to the pronunciation of hermitism \ˈhər-mə-ˌti-zəm\ noun

According to Wikipedia:

Modern Day Hermits - Information Technology Driven

A growing trend is emerging as a result from the growing popularity of the internet. Computer programmers, hackers, gamers, and other such members of society often spend most of their day on their computers and/or game consoles, and are being referred to as "Hermits". Accurately fitting the nickname, they spend much of their career and free time in seclusion, still interacting to some degree through email, instant messaging, chatting, and other avenues of social networking. However, almost always while sitting alone at home or at work.

My two cents: These modern-day hermits may be likely to have spent their childhood pre-computers collecting and playing with cards like the one shown here.

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