Monday, April 13, 2009

Sentences with Funny Words

My friend Michael decided to start creating a sentence of the day using my collection of funny words of the day. Here are a couple using past words (in italics):

Like the total buffoon that I am I put on my rainbow colored poncho, which got kind of moist because it was kinda clammy outside, and I ended up in a kerfuffle with a group of booze-infested Indians who said my that my under my breath mumble about their people gave them the sauce they needed to aggressively attack me.

I told that buckaroo to forego the horse and hoof up to the saloon for a beer swillin' with me and the ladies from the ranch.

I think he's really clever and funny. He should be a funny word of the day. Check out Michael's awesome blog at that features yummy recipes and home cooking ideas.

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