Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Don't Mean the Fancy Stroller...

funny word of the day: bugaboo

Definition from Merriam-Webster:

Inflected Form(s):
plural bug·a·boos
earlier buggybow, bugger-bo, of unknown origin
1: an imaginary object of fear 2: bugbear

2; also : something that causes fear or distress out of proportion to its importance
I'd like to add:
3: an overpriced, fancy stroller used by rich NYC moms and celebs to cart around their precious babies.
Why a company that makes $700 strollers would name their product something that "causes fear or distress" is a mystery!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Funny-Looking Animal with Funny Name

funny word of the day: platypus

The platypus is among nature's most unlikely animals. In fact, the first scientists to examine a specimen believed they were the victims of a hoax. The animal is best described as a hodgepodge of more familiar species: the duck (bill and webbed feet), beaver (tail), and otter (body and fur). Males are also venomous. They have sharp stingers on the heels of their rear feet and can use them to deliver a strong toxic blow to any foe.Platypuses hunt underwater, where they swim gracefully by paddling with their front webbed feet and steering with their hind feet and beaverlike tail. Folds of skin cover their eyes and ears to prevent water from entering, and the nostrils close with a watertight seal. In this posture, a platypus can remain submerged for a minute or two and employ its sensitive bill to find food.These Australian mammals are bottom feeders. They scoop up insects and larvae, shellfish, and worms in their bill along with bits of gravel and mud from the bottom. All this material is stored in cheek pouches and, at the surface, mashed for consumption. Platypuses do not have teeth, so the bits of gravel help them to "chew" their meal. On land, platypuses move a bit more awkwardly. However, the webbing on their feet retracts to expose individual nails and allow the creatures to run. Platypuses use their nails and feet to construct dirt burrows at the water's edge.

There's a weird website about all things platypus that features jokes, drawings, trivia, etc. specifically about this animal:

Monday, April 27, 2009

This Weekend was a Humdinger!

funny word of the day: humdinger

Definition from Merriam-Webster:

Main Entry:
probably alteration of hummer
circa 1904
: a striking or extraordinary person or thing

Used in a sentence:

This gorgeous sunny weekend in NYC was a real humdinger.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jeepers, Creepers...Peepers!

funny word of the day: peepers

This word has several definitions, including these listed below:

1. a viewer who enjoys seeing the sex acts or sex organs of others
(synonym) voyeur, Peeping Tom
(hypernym) spectator, witness, viewer, watcher, looker
(derivation) peep
2. an informal term refering to the eye
(hypernym) eye, oculus, optic
(classification) colloquialism
3. an animal that makes short high-pitched sounds
(hypernym) animal, animate being, beast, brute, creature, fauna
(derivation) peep, twirp, cheep, chirp, chirrup
Australian Slang
(pl. n.) eyes
Once, when our friend Jim was little, he resuscitated his pet mouse named Peepers by giving him CPR through a tiny straw.   So now we call Jim "Peepers" in the little mouse's honor.  

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Moustache Doesn't Help

funny word of the day: pervert


1.a person who practices sexual perversion.
2.Pathologya person affected with perversion.
3.a person who has been perverted, esp. to a religious belief regarded as erroneous.

I would like to add #4: Dov Charney (pictured), the founder of American Apparel, who has turned being a pervert into commercial success.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Anyone Want to Hobnob? It's almost the Weekend

funny word of the day: hobnob

Nowadays, hobnob means to rub shoulders with people, socialize or talk informally. But its origin was a phrase that meant "to drink together," which I personally prefer. I plan to hobnob (drink and socialize) with my friends this weekend.

Definition from

intr.v. hob·nobbed, hob·nob·bing, hob·nobs
To associate familiarly: hobnobs with the executives.

[From the phrase (drink) hob or nob, (toast) one another alternately, from obsolete and dialectal hab nab, have or have not : probably Middle English habbe, have; see have + Middle English nabbe (contraction of ne habbe, have not : Old English ne, not; see not + habbe, have).]
Word History: Hobnobbing with our social betters can be a hit-or-miss proposition, a fact that has an etymological justification. The verb hobnob originally meant "to drink together" and occurred as a varying phrase, hob or nob, hob-a-nob, or hob and nob, the first of which is recorded in 1763. This phrasal form reflects the origins of the verb in similar phrases that were used when two people toasted each other. The phrases were probably so used because hob is a variant of hab and nob of nab, which are probably forms of have and its negative. In Middle English, for example, one finds the forms habbe, "to have," and nabbe, "not to have." Hab or nab, or simply hab nab, thus meant "get or lose, hit or miss," and the variant hob-nob also meant "hit or miss." Used in the drinking phrase, hob or nob probably meant "give or take"; from a drinking situation hob nob spread to other forms of chumminess.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another aptly named body part...

funny word of the day: haunches

Definition from Merriam-Webster:

Main Entry:
\ˈhȯnch, ˈhänch\
Middle English haunche, from Anglo-French hanche, haunche, of Germanic origin; akin to Middle Dutch hanke haunch
13th century
1 a: hip 1a b: hindquarter 2 —usually used in plural2: hindquarter 13: either side of an arch between the springing and the crown
— on one's haunches
: in a squatting position

Once again, a definition that is described using another funny word: hindquarters

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brew - Ha Ha

funny word of the day: brouhaha

Definition from Merriam-Webster: hubbub, uproar

Definition from
1. excited public interest, discussion, or the like, as the clamor attending some sensational event; hullabaloo: The brouhaha followed disclosures of graft at City Hall.

2. an episode involving excitement, confusion, turmoil, etc., esp. a broil over a minor or ridiculous cause: A brouhaha by the baseball players resulted in three black eyes.

What I love most about funny words is that they are often defined with other funny words. Case in point: brouhaha is described as a hubbub, hullabaloo, clamor, turmoil, and a broil.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ew, what smells?

funny word of the day: musty

Definition from Merriam-Webster dictionary:

1 a: impaired by damp or mildew : moldy b: tasting of mold c: smelling of damp and decay : fusty2 a: trite, stale b (1): antiquated (2): superannuated
synonyms see malodorous

There are so many funny words in the definition -- moldy, damp, fusty, stale and malodorous. I love when funny words are described by other funny words! I'll have to add those the list.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Puppet Curmudgeons - 2 for 1 Funny Word!

funny word of the day: curmudgeon

Here's the entry from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

1archaic : miser
2: a crusty, ill-tempered, and usually old man


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Every name for this is funny

Yesterday's funny word of the day was buttocks, which is funny no matter what you call it (tushy, ass, buns, bottom, caboose...the list goes on).

Today's funny word is: pudgy

Friday, April 17, 2009

We Represent the Lollipop Guild...

funny word of the day: munchkin
Funny word, funny looking (but cute!)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The one instrument that requires absolutely no talent

funny word of the day: kazoo

It sounds funny and makes a funny sound!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sentence of the Day Using Funny Word of the Day

Compliments of my friend Michael, here's today's sentence of the day:

On the tops of many Manhattan buildings you will find an interesting population of gargoyles and other architectural accoutrements that add even more life to the already active skyline.

ATTN: Harry Potter/D&D Fans Everywhere!

funny word of the day: gargoyle

It's not only a funny word but a very funny looking creature.

The term originates from the French gargouille, originally "throat" or "gullet";[1] cf. Latin gurgulio, gula, and similar words derived from the root gar, "to swallow", which represented the gurgling sound of water (e.g., Spanish garganta, "throat"; Spanish gárgola, "gargoyle").

Whatever. I hope I'm not offending Harry Potter and Dungeons & Dragons fans who are probably like gargoyles. But even they have to admit it's a funny word!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No, this is not my ex-boyfriend!

funny word of the day: nerd

I must admit that Revenge of the Nerds was one of my favorite films of all time. Rumor has it that Julia Montgomery, who played cheerleader/sorority girl Betty Childs, grew up in my hometown of Livingston, NJ and was disowned by her parents for appearing topless in the film.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Only Buffoons go Spelunking in a Poncho and Panties

More funny words I have posted on Twitter in the past few weeks:

Sentences with Funny Words

My friend Michael decided to start creating a sentence of the day using my collection of funny words of the day. Here are a couple using past words (in italics):

Like the total buffoon that I am I put on my rainbow colored poncho, which got kind of moist because it was kinda clammy outside, and I ended up in a kerfuffle with a group of booze-infested Indians who said my that my under my breath mumble about their people gave them the sauce they needed to aggressively attack me.

I told that buckaroo to forego the horse and hoof up to the saloon for a beer swillin' with me and the ladies from the ranch.

I think he's really clever and funny. He should be a funny word of the day. Check out Michael's awesome blog at that features yummy recipes and home cooking ideas.

Fungi or Fun Guy?

Today's word: fungi
(as in mushroom, not "fun guy")

Ham is a Funny Word and a Funny-Looking (and Tasting) Meat

To catch you up on the words I've posted to date on Twitter, they are listed below:

ham (special Easter Funny Word of the Day)

Welcome, Funny Word Lovers

Welcome to Funny Word of the Day where I post one funny-sounding English word each day. I started this on Twitter and Facebook in March 2009 (after keeping a notebook full of words since the summer of '08) and decided to share them with the world. I welcome ideas and suggestions from the blogosphere on words you find funny, strange, stupid or amusing so email me or leave comments on my blog.

Tootles! (thought I'd end this post with a funny word)