Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life as a Blogophyte

Once again, I have had to appeal to my 66-year-old (ok, 67, but I told her I'd shave off a year for helping me) mother, who not only has her own blog, which she updates incessantly, but also her own website. She sent me the following email yesterday since she knows I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing here:

Get yourself on some blog rings, dearie. A few suggestions to get you started.
You might also want to add sitemeter to your sidebar so you can see what your traffic is. Many people visit that don't leave comments.
Finally, put a subscribe to this blog form on your sidebar. go to Layout, click on "add a widget" and you'll see a subscription widget come up.

Should I be humiliated that I couldn't figure out how to do these things myself or that my mom is 30 years my senior and has 20 followers on her blog when I have only one (who is, ahem, my mother)? I read a ton of blogs every day but I never realized what it takes to get people to know that you exist. There must be millions of blogs out there but if no one's visiting, is it like they don't exist (you know, tree falls in forest and all that)?

The truth is that I think my mom is pretty darn cool for having started her own website and blog in her 50s when most adults her age were just learning to use email (we tried to teach my grandmother several years ago and that was a big failure). She's always been a doer and, while I'm a doer too, I guess I just do things a bit more slowly than she does sometimes.

Mom's even on Facebook (yes, I finally accepted her as my friend after debating whether that was too weird). However, I don't think she's used Twitter yet--in fact, I'm not even sure she knows what it is--so maybe I can beat her to that. If I do, I sincerely hope I attract more than one follower!

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  1. Sorry, dear - I use Twitter occasionally but I think I prefer Facebook. And I can't get my browser to download and install the twitter widget to my desktop. Guess I'll have to put it on my blog. You can do it, too - LOL.