Sunday, February 1, 2009

Brooklyn Rocks (Despite the Beer Jerk)

I love living in Brooklyn, especially when it's nice outside and I can walk around my neighborhood. After having lived in the city for years, where no one says hello and you somehow get used to the noise and garbage filling the streets until you leave and realize how loud and dirty it was, Brooklyn is a breath of fresh air (literally). People are friendly here. Mom-and-pop stores outnumber chains (for now at least). And nearly every restaurant has outdoor seating when it gets warm outside. Two of my favorites places in Park Slope are Gorilla Coffee (, which sells fair trade, organic coffee (no sacreligious decaf served), and Bierkraft, which has every beer known to man and lots of yummy gourmet cheeses and foods. Gorilla always has a line out the door but it's worth waiting for the strong, freshly brewed coffee. The people who work there, despite their various piercings and tattoos, are really nice and always give you a free cup when you buy a pound of beans.

Bierkraft (, on the other hand, has some friendly employees but their most important worker, who runs the on-tap beer counter, where you can get your glass jug filled up with any of the several interesting brews on rotation, is a royal a-hole. He's a pretentious know-it-all (every though he does know a great deal about beer) who looks down on you (literally -- the counter where he stands is on a riser) if you dare to ask what the difference between an E.S.B. and an I.P.A. are. My husband and I call him the "Beer Jerk" -- he's kind of like the Soup Nazi except he deals with a different kind of barley. But despite his obnoxious attitude towards customers, we keep going back because the beer is good and we feel special carrying around our own glass beer jug.

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